Against the odds and amongst the dreamers, Dubwork, a self proclaimed dreamer, brings us a flow and vibe that can be described as dedicated to the daily grind… And the dreamers. With his newly released mixtape STILL DREAMING, featuring 17 original tracks, Dubwork takes his inspirations, dreams and inner voice to the masses. Born Lenny Lavergne to two Dominican Parents, raised in New York City, and relocated to New Jersey in his pre-teens, Dubwork or “Flaco” to friends and family, uses his music to fuse his East Coast American and Afro-Caribbean roots. “Since I was young, my parents have listened to both English and Spanish music” he says. “Name any song from the eighties- English or Spanish- I will know it. Not to mention almost everyone of my uncles can play a musical instrument”.

Dubworks own love affair with music began back in his childhood, surrounded by music lovers. Raised in the “Golden Era” of hip hop, he began rewriting song lyrics to personalize them, and to align with his own experiences. He then went on to writing and performing his own original lyrics, and won the Faces in the Crowd competition during a performance in NYC at the famed SOB’s.

Focusing on a legacy to inspire future generations, to believe in their abilities and trust themselves wholly, Dubwork wants to provide dope, motivational music that pushes the culture forward. His competitive nature, belief in the power of creative visualization and that anything is possible, is the driving force behind his lyrics and strong uptown following.

Besides the fact that he once killed seven sharks with nothing but a spoon to defend himself, Dubwork, a competitive Lyricist, is filled with nothing less then a few messages for the dreamers…and heart.

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